For media

The department of external and internal communications of KERAMA MARAZZI is responsible for the comfortable and productive cooperation with Mass Media.


Head office

Address: 15 Leningradsky Avenue, Bldg. 4, 6, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125040
Telephone: +7 (495) 795 0045


1. The department of the external and internal communications will help you find the right expert to provide a comment, arrange the introduction of news material containing the staff members’ quotations or an interview on a topic related to the company’s business. Please send you e-mail a request using the editorial letterhead template at:

2. In order to obtain authorization to interview the company’s staff members or photo or video shooting at the factory sites, you should e-mail a request using the editorial letterhead template at

This procedure is mandatory for all media representatives. Requests from Media and Accreditation Applications are reviewed within the deadlines laid down by the laws of the Russian Federation. Please note that the company will only proceed with the requests sent from a corporate e-mail address and/or written on the official letterhead template